Creative lab for merging art and science.

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Innovative illustrations that combine detail and accuracy with the tools of visual communication. Incorporating an advanced training in anatomy and fine arts, I offer a unique advantage for creating images that are both accurate and educational. Subjects may range from surgical diagrams to medical posters to conceptual covers.

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2D and 3D Animation are an excellent way to convey  ideas to a variety of audiences. Capture more information and ease understanding by incorporating movement.


Bespoke 3D models ready for use in an interactive presentation or video project. Options range from simple meshes to painted objects and tools.

Stabb Lab Creative specializes in bespoke medical artwork and technical illustrations. The studio has worked with a wide range  of clients; experts in the medical field, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare marketing agencies, product engineers, and class-action litigation.

I am passionate about building dynamic, distinct pieces with attention to client brief with creativity and accuracy.
Courtney Stabb is the lead medical artist and founder of Stabb Lab Creative, now located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Courtney Stabb has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Science Illustration from the University of Georgia and a post-graduate certificate in Medical Art from the Medical Artists' Education Trust. She is a professional member of the Medical Artists' Association of Great Britain.